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Taking fight for Truth to the Top

ERICA AND HUGH DUGGAN fighting for truth and justice for their son.

ERICA Duggan, whose son Jeremiah was found dead by the autobahn outside Wiesbaden in Germany after he attended a supposed peace conference in that city, in March 2003, has released a video of herself speaking outside the German embassy, where she had gone to accuse Chancellor Angela Merkel of complicity in a cover-up over Jeremiah's death. 

Earlier in the day on May 28, Mrs.Duggan had given evidence at a pre-inquest review in Barnet, accusing German police of institutional racism in their refusal to investigate fully the circumstances of Jeremiah's death, including the likelihood that he was murdered.

Jeremiah, aged 22, had been studying at the Sorbonne, in Paris. In 2003, worried about the world situation and the build-up to war on Iraq, he bought a copy of the paper Nouvelle Solidarite from a regular seller, and they discussed the imminent US-led assault. Jeremiah agreed to attend an anti-war conference hosted by the Schiller Institute in Germany.

What he probably did not know was that both Nouvelle Solidarite and the Schiller Institute were fronts for the political cult led by Lyndon LaRouche, a one-time American leftist who veered sharply to the Right. After acquiring a name for organising violent attacks on genuine left-wing groups in the States, and serving a prison sentence for fraud, La Rouche seems also to have acquired influential friends and considerable funds.

Former members of the cult allege it used brainwashing techniques. But supporters' loyalty is reinforced by belief that their leader survives in defiance of conspiracies against him, which have at times involved the Queen and Raisa Gorbachev, familiar agencies like the CIA, MI6. and Mossad, and the Tavistock Institute for psychiatry, in London.

At the Wiesbaden conference, Jerry Duggan was reportedly perturbed by speakers blaming the threat of war and nuclear holocaust on the British and the Jews. "But I am a Jew!", he reportedly protested. He was still interested in attending a cadre school scheduled to follow the conference. But before that, something happened to make him 'phone home, and his girlfriend, telling her and his mother that he was "in big trouble" and desperately wanted out.

Within an hour of his terrified call to his mother, Jeremiah Duggan was dead. According to the version of events accepted by the German police, Jerry must have run three miles from where he had been staying, to the outskirts of Wiesbaden, then decided to take his own life by rushing out into the traffic. This was about 6am on March 27, 2003. An investigator hired by the Duggan family discovered the police had not even questioned the drivers of the two vehicles that were supposed to have hit the young man, nor made proper forensic examination of the vehicles or Jeremiah's clothes. He suggests Jerry was beaten up somewhere else, then taken to the autobahn where his body was found.

Rather than be eager for a full investigation, the La Rouchites have claimed Jeremiah was an unstable young man who committed suicide, and accused his mother of being party to a plot against them by the British Foreign Office and Tony Blair.

In fact, Erica Duggan has had little help from any authorities in her search for truth and justice for her son. After his phone call, mentioning Nouvel Solidarite, she called the police, who put her on to Scotland Yard, but they said they had never heard of it.  At an inquest in London in 2003 the court heard that a London Metropolitan Police memo described the LaRouche movement as "a political cult with sinister and dangerous connections." The coroner, Dr. William Dolman, accepted that Jeremiah had received fatal head injuries when he ran into the road and was hit by two cars, but added: "I really must add that he had earlier been in a state of terror. It is a word not commonly used in a Coroner's court but no other word would reflect his state of mind at the time."

Having obtained evidence that put the official explanation in further doubt, Erica Duggan and her family petitioned the Attorney General to let them approach the Higher Court for a second inquest. This was convened in June 2010. The court heard that Jeremiah may have been killed elsewhere, then the road accident staged to conceal this. It was also said that members of the LaRouche organisation might have decided Jeremiah was some kind of spy. The case was adjourned to let the Metropolitan Police make further inquiries. But their investigation does not appear to got very far.

Following the pre-inquest hearing on May 28, a full three day inquest has now been promised at North London Coroner's Court in February. But evidently Erica Duggan is not leaving it at that. By going to the German embassy and accusing Angela Merkel she is not only going for full publicity, but dragging out the whole question of the LaRouche organisation's real relations with the secret state.

Racism Today?

Among interesting points emerging from Erica Duggan's statement is that although the place where Jeremiah Duggan's  body was found is some distance from the apartment where he had been staying with a LaRouchite couple in Wiesbaden, it is not so far from the offices of Executive Intelligence Review, the magazine published by the LaRouche organisation.

That brings me to another strange, if as yet tenuous, connection.

It's some time since I stopped bothering with the RT (Russia Today) television channel, partly because the brash novelty had worn off, but also because I got sick of UKIP leader Nigel Farage being introduced as the reasonable voice on events in Britain. Couldn't they persuade anyone else to come on?  This was before Farage became a regular feature on the BBC's Question Time.

In the current issue of Searchlight, the anti-fascist magazine, editor Gerry Gable remarks about some other guests of the RT channel. One is Paul Weston, leader of a UKIP breakaway called Liberty GB, who has also been linked with the anti-Islamic English Defence League(EDL). Another is Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor of Zuerst! , a right-wing German magazine.

  (Shortly after Zuerst! began publication in 2010,  workers for its distributor, Bauer Media, threatened to strike, refusing to handle a pro-Nazi magazine.After more inforation about Zuert! was exposed , Bauer decided to drop the publication).

"To cap it all", says Searchlight, "a leading LaRouchite appeared again, presented as an expert from the Executive Intelligence Review, which is Lyndon LaRouche's weeekly international news briefing".


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