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Jeremiah Duggan. Ten Years On, the Fight Continues

JEREMIAH DUGGAN. Family still fighting for truth and justice over his death. 

TEN years ago the body of London-born student Jeremiah Duggan was found by the side of a motorway outside Wiesbaden in Germany. The police said Jerry had been hit by a vehicle travelling at 60 miles per hour. The official verdict was that the young man had committed suicode by running into the path of traffic.

Jeremiah Duggan's family and friends have never accepted this verdict.

Jeremiah Duggan had been studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. Concerned like many of us at the war on Iraq, he had bought a paper called Nouvelle Solidarite, and accepted an invitation to attend what purported to be an anti-war conference in Wiesbaden.

In the early hours of  Thursday, March 27, 2003 he 'phoned his girlfriend Maya, to whom he sounded highly agitated, and then his mother. to whom he sounded terrified. "Mum, ..I'm in big trouble", he told her.

Nouvelle Solidarite in France and the Schiller Institute in Germany whose conference and cadre school Jeremiah had agreed to attend are both offshoots of the notorious US-based Lyndon LaRouche organisation. LaRouche, a one-time leftist who acquired a reputation for inciting violence against genuine left wing organisations in the United States, and also served a fraud sentence. His organisations, including the Executive Intelligence Review, appear to be well-funded. They are reknowned for conspiracy theories including the British royal family and Israel.

As to Jeremiah Duggan, LaRouche's followers insist the young man was disturbed and committed suicide. They accuse the Duggan family of serving a conspiracy involving the British Foreign Office and the Tavistock Institute.

A British coroner threw out the earlier "suicide" verdict, and the Duggan family went to the High Court to obtain a further inquest and investigation. While the police in both Britain and Germany dragged their heels, the family pursued their own investigation with the help of experts, casting doubt on both the place and cause of Jeremiah's death as accepted by German authorities.
Was Jeremiah Duggan beaten up and body taken to motorway?

Jeremiah Duggan's family and friends have never given up. Their campaign for truth and justice continues to win wide support. Today they issued this statement:
Jeremiah made a terrified phone call to his mother in the early hours of the morning, naming the people from the LaRouche political cult as putting his life in danger and begging for his mother to rescue him. Despite this information the Wiesbaden police decided on the spot, without any investigation, that it was suicide and they had no need to investigate the circumstances that may have caused his death.
Germany now stands accused of a violation of article 2 in the Court of Human Rights. 
This is the first time Germany has been accused of such a crime, for the failure to properly investigate a sudden death.
New information was presented by witnesses to include a State Official Mrs Caberta, at the time Religous Sects Advisor of the City of Hamburg ,that Jeremiah was alleged to have been subjected to harm prior to his sudden death yet The Prosecutor in Wiesbaden failed to open enquiries and refused to read the files or see the Duggan lawyers.  
As a result a legal complaint was lodged in September 2011 against the Prosecutor’s office for failing to do their job.

“If there is nothing to hide – then why leave so many questions unanswered – like why did the Manageress of the LaRouche Organization have my son’s passport?” said Jeremiah’s mother.

Ten years on we continue to ask for a full and fearless investigation.  Germany is proud of its Penal Code and so we will never give up hope that good people will come forward and not cover up the truth about Jeremiah’s death and will help us  get a proper investigation  contact: or
Serdar Kaya, Christian Noll: on 049 30 627 29 662a.

Background briefing on case of Jeremiah Duggan 

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