Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Irish MP and campaigners held in pre-dawn raids



Brid Smith, a south Dublin councillor from the People Before Profits alliance, who unsuccessfully contested the Dublin South West Dail seat won by Paul Murphy, also condemned the arrests in a statement, saying Joan Burton’s visit had been a provocation for many residents.

“Joan Burton has presided over decisions that have cut social welfare for young people, deprived single parents with children over 7 of One parent Allowance, and supported legislation which has cut the wages of public sector workers. Once her appearance in Tallaght was known, it was inevitable that there would be protests.

‘Paul Murphy acted as a responsible TD in joining his constituents on these protests and should be praised for sticking with those who elected him.

‘There is no evidence that he abused Joan Burton in any way – he simply sat on the road in a peaceful protest.

‘His arrest at 7am in the morning is in sharp contrast to the manner in which tax evaders are treated. On the morning of Paul Murphy’s arrest it was reported that Irish businessmen held secret accounts in a HSBC account Switzerland to evade tax. Yet I doubt if there will be any 7 am visit to their houses to make an arrest.

‘Once again, we are seeing one law for those who represent the poor and and another for the wealthy and powerful.’


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