Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Despite all indications..to the contrary ..May I wish you a Happy New Year!

PICKING APPLES. Camille Pissaro

IN spite of the bankers and speculators who have feasted and left us their bill,
in spite of the politicians playing pot-calling-the- kettle-black,
as they dither and don't know what to do,
in spite of the imperialist statespersons and hack attendants who,
having made such a bloody mess with one War,
and two occupations,
Would bid us support them in another.
In spite of the fascists and pogromchiks upholding
The glory of Rome and charm of Vienna,
By picking on gypsies, poor asylum seekers,
and any other target they can find.
And not forgetting the racists and religious fanatic settlers,
Who yesterday killed a shepherd boy in the land they call Holy,
then pipe-bombed a professor to show their love for His People;
But still, in spite of all these indications that
We live in interesting times,
May I wish you a guter neu yaar,
Shana Tova, Eid Mubarak,
and while I'm at it, Merry Michaelmas I suppose.
To all readers of my Blog,
Fellow-workers, comrades, and fighters against racism and oppression,
For the future of humanity,
Wherever you may be.
Tiocfaidh Ar La” – our day will come !



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