Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Murdered for wanting a democratic Iraq

TRY as they might to pretend theirs is not an imperialist occupation, the "liberators" of Iraq can't keep their hands of Iraqi oil, or resist taking a swipe at any Iraqis who assert their democratic rights, reject sectarian divide and rule, and refuse to be thrust down into backwardness.

In the same week that British officialdom denied a visa to oilworkers' leader Hassan Juma'a, whose union is opposing the handover of oil resources to foreign monopolies, Australia's defence minister Brendan Nelson blurted out that securing oil was a major reason for the military being in Iraq.

Meanwhile we received this message from supporters of the Iraq Freedom Congress, a political coalition in which some left-wing, secularist and women's rights organisations are involved.

"In a sheer act of terrorism, the US forces backed by the Iraqi National Guards attacked the home of Abd-al Hussein Saddam, the head of the Iraq Freedom Congress¢s Safety Force at 3.00 AM on July 4, 2007 in Awaytha, a district of Baghdad. Mr. Saddam who was seriously injured in this attack was taken hostage and later his body was handed to a local morgue by the American forces who claimed that they found the body on the road to Baghdad airport accusing unknown terrorists for his death.

"Mr. Saddam's 18 year old daughter was also injured in this terrorist act. All who knew about the attack and before Mr. Saddam's body was handed in thought that the occupation would justify this act by accusing Mr. Saddam of terrorism, but the American forces knew how difficult this task would be, therefore they have chosen to deny any responsibility. Awaytha, where Abd-al Hussein Saddam lived was the most peaceful and safe district in the whole city of Baghdad. On the other hand it is very difficult to ignore the role of Safety Force in bringing peace to many neighborhoods in Baghdad and saving citizens from terrorism leave alone accusing it of terrorism.

"This attack was part of a campaign by the occupation against Iraq Freedom Congress after they started feeling the pressure of this secular organization fighting to end the occupation and sectarian violence and for a secular and non ethnocentric government in Iraq. The occupation was in particular angered by the IFC's campaign against the so-called Iraq Oil Law designed to plunder the Iraqi oil and hand it to international oil companies. This pressure on the occupation mounted after the IFC's SANA satellite TV recently started broadcasting.

"These forces have lately raided and destroyed offices of IFC and detained its members in an attempt to bring a halt to the struggle of this progressive organization.The occupation is mindful of the fact that the IFC as a force fighting against the occupation and its crimes, its so-called political process, its puppet government and all sectarian and ethnocentric militia has started attracting the attention of people in Iraq. It has started emerging as a powerful secular force, which offers a way out of this disastrous situation in Iraq. The IFC has made clear that the fist step to achieve this alternative is by ending the occupation.

"Therefore, the occupation will do all it can to stop this organization from growing. The last group the occupation and its puppet government will tolerate is a secular force like the Iraq Freedom Congress. A secular organization fighting for restoring security, and peace and against all forms of terrorism being committed by the occupation and the militia loyal to it or by anti-occupation forces is what the occupation fears the most. The occupation will rather prefer an enemy embroiled in terrorism and crimes comparable to those committed by its forces.

"On the other hand this terrorist act is indicative of the sense of failure and defeat among the occupation forces. They hardly pay any attention anymore to the opinion of people in Iraq or worldwide. They are now ready to commit any crime regardless of the repercussions. The aim of the occupation from this terrorist act was to silence this secular force. This operation is to scare people from joining IFC. The campaign against the IFC will not end here. Therefore it is important that we stand against it, hold them responsible for killing Abd-al Hussein Saddam and prevent them from targeting the rest of the IFC¢s leadership. The Iraq Freedom Congress is the only hope for people of Iraq. Therefore, all progressive people across the world should stand behind the IFC and launch a campaign to expose this act of terrorism and stop the occupation terrorism against secular forces in Iraq".

We don't have to support this or that party or group in Iraq to condemn the murder of an Iraqi like Abd-al Hussein Saddam, or to recognise that the Iraqi people's hopes of enjoying a civilised life in peace and freedom do depend on them resisting sectarian warlords and divisions as well as the oil-grabbing foreign imperialists. This stand, which also defends modern secularism and women's rights, is a side of Iraq we seldom hear about. It is obvious why the imperialist-run media would not want us to hear about it, any more than about Iraqi workers' struggles. Nor can we hear much protest from the pro-war one-time lefties and democrats around the "Euston Group"

But from what I've seen in the Stop the War Coalition, we must also ask why some people who are supposed to be on the genuine anti-war "Left" just are not interested. Are Iraqi working people, youth and women entitled to the same rights and aspirations as ourselves, or must they settle for a second or third-class version because some left-wing groups consign countries like Iraq to backwardness? Or because we must not mention words like "secular" or even "democratic" anymore, for fear of offending new found coalition allies?

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