Friday, June 08, 2007

Watch the colonisers in action, then march against Zionist colonialism

AS we prepare to say "Enough!" to 40 years of Israeli occupation over Palestinian territories seized in the "Six Day War", an occupation that continues to obstruct any chance of peace in that land, and brings seemingly endless bitterness and tears, an Israeli friend has passed on this video recording Zionist colonisation in action.

"Watch this to the end, if you can bear it", says Moshe.

For me the film brought back memories. Time was as a kid I brought home a card depicting the Huleh swamps, on which we were to stick stamps until it showed a scene transformed, each stamp bought with our pocket money or earned by doing odd jobs, to raise money for the Keren Kayemet le Yisrael, the Jewish National Fund(JNF). Time was, nurtured on more such "before and after" pictures, I was proud to have spent a day working hard with chaverim clearing hedges, in pouring rain, knowing that our pay was supposed to go to the JNF for planting trees on the Judean hills.

We did not know then that some of these trees would be used to conceal former Palestinian village lands, nor did we really think as teenagers about the fact that the JNF's stated task of settling Jews on the land had as its reverse side, clearing Arabs off. But it is so. Wherever the JNF owns land it is forbidden for the indigenous Palestinian people to rent or farm, or work. Behind this Zionist "charity" the Israeli State can claim it does not practice Apartheid!

It is hard to see today how anyone can pretend they do not know what is done in their name. For the land-grabbers the occupation is never enough. They talk of "Peace" and while their indulgent backers in Britain and the US keep up the pretence of offering "two states", they build their wall across Palestinian land, and build more settlements, expanding them to surround and reduce what is left of Palestine.

Today those "Before and After" pictures could be reversed, as the colonisers uproot trees and destroy what is in their path, just as they try to uproot the Palestinian people itself from its land. This video depicts that process of despoliation going on, and the dignity and humanity of those who stand in its path.

Today, as we march in London, Tel Aviv or wherever, this is the picture to bear in mind. If we really want peace then it is not enough to express pious hopes. Against the occupation and colonisers, we have to take sides.

ENOUGH! demonstration in London. June 9th Assemble 1.30pm Lincolns Inn Fields, march to rally in Trafalgar Square.

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