Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Banners in the Belly of the Beast

ISRAEL's prime minister Ehud Olmert claimed to be making war in Lebanon on behalf of Jewish people around the world. Zionist lobbyists assure politicians and the media that they are speaking for all Jews.
Those who differ don't command the same resources, or find it so easy to make their voices heard. Especially as the United States not only approved, but encouraged Israel's latest war.
In America's "city of brotherly love" and other cities, however, they are finding ways of having their views noticed.

Here's a report from Philadelphia Independent Media Centre

Philadelphia Jews Stand Against Israel's War Crimes
Activists Hang Banners Calling for an End to U.S. Military Aid to Israel

PHILADELPHIA BRIDGES –Three banners were unfurled during this morning's rush hour from bridges across Philadelphia saying: "U.S. Jews Say: Israel, Stop Killing Civilians," "U.S. Jews Stand Against Israel's War Crimes," and "U.S. Jews Say: End U.S. Military $ to Israel." The banners were hung from the 18th & Vine Street and 15th & Vine Street overpasses visible to commuters along I-676 as well as an overpass on I-76 near 30th Street Station.

The Philadelphia Jews who hung these banners are working in coordination with Jews in New York and San Francisco, who also staged actions today demonstrating their opposition to recent aggression by the Israeli and U.S. governments in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. These actions are building on the success of a similar demonstration by Jews in Boston, Massachusetts on August 1st.

"Many American Jews don't support Israel's recent actions in Lebanon. There is no Jewish consensus on this issue," said a Philadelphia rabbinical student who recently returned from a month on the West Bank documenting human rights abuses against Palestinians. "I don't believe, though, that Jews have more of a right than anyone else to speak out. We stand in solidarity with our Arab-American neighbors whose voices are often ignored by the mainstream media and whose families are in danger."

"We oppose the two billion dollars a year in U.S. foreign aid that goes directly to Israel's military, outfitting the violence we're seeing now in Lebanon as well as the ongoing occupation of Palestinian lives and land," said a participant in today's action. "This morning, we're making sure no one can go about their ordinary rush hour without thinking about what our tax dollars are doing today."



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