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From Under the Covers to Lecturing in College

 FROM RADICAL ACTIVIST to respectable academic? The roles of police agent Bob

Just over a month ago, on October 23, 2014, the Metropolitan Police Service agreed to pay £425,000 to a woman called Jacqui whose child was fathered by a man called Bob Lambert. Obviously this was no ordinary paternity suit. Jacqui said she did not know at the time of her relationship with Lambert that that he was an undercover police officer. The Met agreed to pay up in return for Jacqui dropping a legal action alleging assault, negligence, deceit and misconduct by senior officers.

Jacqui was a 22-year-old campaign activist when she met Lambert, who was passing himself off as a fellow campaigner and using the pseudonym Bob Robinson. She gave birth to their son in 1985. When the boy was two years old his father vanished, and she told BBC News she had received psychiatric care after learning the officer's real identity.

Jacqui was one of several women who said they were duped into relationships with officers who were spying on them. Scotland Yard said it "unreservedly apologises for any pain and suffering" but added that “the Metropolitan Police Service has never had a policy that officers can use sexual relations for the purposes of policing”. Scotland Yard had previously refused to either confirm or deny whether Bob Lambert was a Special Demonstration Squad operative, despite his own admissions to journalists. However, it was forced to change its position in August 2014 after a legal ruling.



Fathering children under a false idenitity then doing a runner is not all that Bob Lambert has been accused of.  In June 2012 Green MP Caroline Lucas said in Parliament that Lambert  had planted a fire bomb that caused £340,000 worth of damage to the Harrow branch of Debenhams department store in 1987 as part of his undercover work in the Animal Liberation Front. Lambert denied this. Two animal rights campaigners served four years in prison for attacks such as this.

In 2013, it was reported that while undercover with London Greenpeace, Lambert had co-authored the 'McLibel leaflet', which resulted in a defamation lawsuit from McDonald's Corporation that took ten years to resolve.

After his own time undercover Lambert was in charge of other police officers doing the same kind of work.  He deployed officers into Reclaim the Streets as well as campaigns for justice by families of black people whose deaths were mishandled by police, such as Stephen Lawrence. In addition to his role in the Special Demonstration Squad, he was head of the Muslim Contact Unit from its establishment in 2002.

So what is Robert Lambert doing with himself these days? No longer wearing his hair long like he did in wilder times, the under the covers police agent  is now a 'respectable' academic.   
After his career in the police force, he became a lecturer at the University of St. Andrews and a part-time senior lecturer at the London Metropolitan University. He was co-director of the European Muslim Research Centre in the Department of Politics at Exeter University until August 2011.[3][4]
Robert Lambert works part time lecturing on Criminology and Policing at London Metropolitan University.

Besides environmental and anti-racist campaigners, trade unionists defending their right to work and organise believe they have scores to settle with Lambert. Dave Smith of the Blacklist Support Group says the "expert" on Muslim terror has a dark past, not confronting terrorism but infiltrating peaceful campaigning groups. "He is directly implicated in police attempts to spy on, smear and discredit Stephen Lawrence's family campaign regarding police failures to investigate Stephen's racist murder in 1993, and also in the 'mysterious' passing on of Special Branch files to a private company paid by large construction firms to compile a blacklist of trade unionists active in the building trade, many of who were victimised and fired."

Now a college lecturer himself, long blacklisted building worker Dave is joining with others to tell London Metropolitan University it has no business employing Robert Lambert. " He is a known liar, spy and exploiter of women - not in any way a fit person to be trusted teaching students at a University that likes to portray itself as 'progressive'.
We aim to keep up pressure on London Met until they fire him. Join us in our picket of the University building where he works this Friday."

12.00 – 2.00pm
LMU Tower, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB
Islington Against Police Spies, email: islingtonagainstpolicespies@gmail.com
For more information on Bob Lambert and other undercover police activities, contact:



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