Friday, September 06, 2013

Number Ten, Gangster's Den

BINGO! I knew when I used that photograph of Kerry with Assad that there must be similar snaps of the Blairs, and here is one, care of the Third Estate blog, whose contributors are more painstaking than me. 

In this charming shot it looks like Cherie might be thinking "Ah, Bashar may kill in his thousands, but my Tone has killed in his tens of thousands."   

To see the other pictures visit: 

I wonder whether perchance this was a shopping trip, and what chemicals were on the list?

Blair is no longer PM, of course, but all gung ho for intervention in Syria just as he was for war in Iraq. Is that in his role as Middle East "peace envoy" or emissary for JP Morgan's Wall Street bank? 
And would his oil connections outweigh his respect for the papacy and peace?

Maybe the Labour Party could stop dissociating itself from the unions, and turn its attention to eradicating the legacy of this lying warmonger, and the influence of his awful worshippers and accomplices he left behind?  Not that I am holding my breath.

On Syria War Crime

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