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New inquest may be step towards justice for Jeremiah

THE family of a British student who died in mysterious circumstances seven years ago in Germany have been heartened to hear from Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, that she supports their case for a fresh inquest.

Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was found dead by a motorway outside Wiesbaden, on March 27, 2003 . German police concluded that he had run out into the road, and been struck by two vehicles. Jeremiah's family have never accepted that his death was either a road accident or "suicide", as the police said.

Jerry Duggan, studying in Paris, had been persuaded to go to Wiesbaden to attend what was supposed to be a youth anti-war conference, hosted by the Schiller Institute. He probably did not realise this respectable-sounding body was a front for the notorious political cult led by the American Lyndon LaRouche. But he was apparently disturbed by some delegates seeming to blame the war on Iraq on Jewish influence. So much that he rose to tell people he was Jewish.

On the night before he died Jeremiah 'phoned his girfriend and his mother, telling them he was scared.
When his body was found it was some distance from the place where he was staying. How had he got there in the early hours of the morning? And why had he run out in the road? How come his bloodstained passport was in the hands of people associated with the LaRouchites? The German police did not investigate further, and did not probe the Schiller Institute.

The Duggan family did. A former Metropolitan Police investigator working for them discovered that remarkably, Jeremiah's body had left no traces on the vehicles, nor vice versa. But there was sand on their tires and on Jerry's jeans which was not from the motorway, but might have been in somewhere like a builders' yard. There were defensive wounds to his arms, such as might be found if someone was not hit by a vehicle, but attempting to shield themselves from blows or kicks to the head.

In her letter to the family, apologising for mistakes that were made in the way they were treated, Baroness Scotland says:
“I am of the view on reconsidering your application that there is an unanswered question from the inquest into Jeremiah' s death as to whether the fatal injuries he suffered are in fact attributable to a car accident.”

The Duggan family say they will go to court seeking a further inquest to bring out the truth. " Why did our son die? The first step towards Justice has been taken. Click here for 21 Jan 2010 Press release issued by our solicitors"

Considering that Jeremiah Duggan was attending their conference when he met his death, the Schiller Institute appears to have taken no interest in investigating what happened to the young man. On the contrary, the LaRouchites put it about that Jeremiah had taken drugs, and told German police that he had been clinically depressed and attending therapy with his parents at the Tavistock Clinic in London. Together with the Tavistock Institute this often figures in American conspiracy theories about British 'brainwashing', and Jeremiah's notes from the Wiesbaden conference indicate that speakers referred to it there.

The LaRouchites have condemned attempts to investigate Jeremiah Duggan's death as a conspiracy against them, orchestrated by Tony Blair, ex-US vice president Dick Cheney and others, including no doubt Baroness Scotland.

Lyndon LaRouche began his political career on the Left. Known for a time as Lyn Marcus,he was one of the young dissidents who emerged in opposition to the leaders of the Socialist Workers Party in the United States. Others, like Jim Robertson (of the Spartacus League) and Tim Wohlforth remained part of the Left, but LaRouche went through a bizarre evolution, ending up on what most regard as the far Right. It was in the 1970s that his band of followers acquired notoriety for violent attacks on other left-wing organisations, somehow escaping attention from the law.

Next LaRouche moved into Europe, setting up organisations in Sweden, Germany, and France. One of his supporters in Sweden was arrested as a suspect in the 1986 murder of Social Democrat Prime Minister Olaf Palme, but then released and went to the United States. Besides the culturally prestigious-sounding Schiller Institute, the LaRouchites assets include the Executive Inteligence Review(EIR).

Back in the United States, La Rouche was released from prison in 1999 after serving time for conspiracy and fraud. A dab hand at constructing conspiracy theories, his most famous placing the British Royal Family at the head of international drug trafficking, while a more recent EIR article declared "Obama's Nazi Health Bill Is British Assault on the USA". Beside the familiar charge that airline terror comes from "Londonistan", EIR is now claiming that the Duggan case was an attempt to distract attention from claims that weapons expert David Kelly was murdered to prevent him exposing the truth about Iraq and Tony Blair. Which he may well have been, though why investigating one death should prevent you investigating another, we must not ask. If a conpiracy theory requires two things be connected in a peculiar way, then don't bring logic into it, you must accept they are!

The way the LaRouchites have suddenly clutched at the David Kelly case to point the finger at Blair and away from themselves does suggest they are worried. The case for justice for Jeremiah Duggan has not gone away, and now it looks as though the family and friends might be a step closer to bringing out the truth about his death. Let's hope so. And if there are any parties with cause to worry in case the truth comes out, let us hope they are given plenty to worry about before very long.

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