Friday, October 30, 2009

Can Brad make a difference?

BRAD LANDER with partner Meg Barnette and their children, Marek and Rosa.

NEXT Tuesday, November 3, sees New York citizens voting for their mayor, and also for local councillors, and I'm interested in one of the candidates, if only because I know him. Brad Lander, who has worked for the Pratt Centre for Community Development for six years, and campaigned for better housing provision and the rights of low-paid agency workers, won the Democratic Party nomination for Council District 39 in Brooklyn.

We're often given the impression that American politics is all about personalities, PR image, and who gets how much from which vested interests, and that's just by those who'd have us remodel our politics the American way, so it is refreshing to see Lander's election literature being 'old-fashioned' enough to talk about

"The Issues

Preserving Liveable Neighborhoods

New York City has the power to preserve and strengthen the common quality of life of the neighborhoods we love. It's time we started to use it.
Keeping Housing Affordable for New Yorkers

I'm proud of my work to preserve and create affordable homes for New Yorkers. I can't wait to get to the City Council to do even more. "

Standing up for Public Education

As a public school parent, I see every day what makes a great school: small classes, an excellent principal, dedicated teachers, and active parents. Every child deserves no less.

Creating good jobs and a fair economy

I've been fighting to create good jobs in Brooklyn for more than a decade - and today that fight is more important than ever.

Creating a more sustainable city

The importance of thinking globally and acting locally has never been more apparent. I want to apply my experience with sustainable development to build a greener future for our city.

Strengthening Public transportation and liveable streets

A better public transportation system is key to sustainable growth for our community, and for the city and region as a whole. With more frequent subways and buses, with safer and more better-planned streets, we can have both a metropolis that really works, and neighborhoods that are more livable for our day-to-day walks to the grocery store or the park.

Restoring confidence and participation in government

My work with communities in Brooklyn and throughout New York has shown that democratic participation keeps public servants accountable to the public. That is why I want to shine sunlight on city contracts and budgeting, eliminate the culture of pay-to-play and respect the will of voters on term limits.

Promoting public safety and justice

I will work with communities to ensure that our streets remain safe, that our businesses can operate securely, and that our families can thrive and live without fear.

Equal treatment for the LGBT community

Brad is a longtime supporter of LGBT equality and will be a forthright ally in the City Council. Brad will not stand for discrimination in our laws, and will fight to protect civil liberties of all members of our community.

Vote 'Row E' to send a message of support for sick pay

Today, over a million working New Yorkers have no paid so sick days. Many work in places where disease is most likely to spread -- one survey showed that 84% of restaurant workers have no paid sick days, and more than half report going to work sick. Its bad for workers, bad for families, and bad for public health. The New York City Council is currently considering a bill that would allow employees to earn up to 9 paid sick days a year (up to 5 days for small business employees). The Paid Sick Days bill is begin championed by the Working Families Party. One way to show your support is to vote for me (and other Democratic candidates) on Row E, the WFP line. It counts the same, and sends a message in support of progressive public policy.

Honor Julian Brennan by Helping Build Schools in Afghanistan

Marine Lance Corporal Julian Brennan, who grew up on 15th Street in Park Slope, was 25 when he was killed in Afghanistan on January 24, 2009. In a remarkable act of compassion, his parents Bill and Thya Brennan are asking us to make contributions to the Central Asia Institute, which builds schools in Afghanistan.'

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