Saturday, December 29, 2007

All the Answers

MOUSEHOLE (pron."Muzzel) Cornwall. Where the pilchards may gaze at the stars, but these two harbour watchers are looking out for a fish supper.

WELL, hope you all had a nice holiday and are fully recovered.
If you tried our quiz, and could not be bothered looking up all the knowledge on the Internet, here are the answers you have been waiting for:

Literary Landscapes

1) Malvern hills

2) Lyme Regis

3) Kent

4) Cranford, as in recent BBC serial.

5) Hardy's "Wessex" was his native Dorset and places nearby.

Who Dunnit?

1)Agatha Christie

2) Raymond Chandler

3)Dorothy L.Sayers

4) Georges Simenon

5) Ruth Rendell

Who said it?

1) Benjamin Disraeli

2) Winston Churchill

3) Abigail Van Buren (1918- ), US advice columnist

4) George Jean Nathan (1882-1958), US drama critic

5) Leon Trotsky

Mind Your Language

) Malta. Maltese, though it uses a Roman script, is a Semitic language.

2) Catalan

3) Yiddish and Russian

4) Paraguay

5) Brussels, like the sprouts. They are Flemish/French mixtures spoken in some old working-class neighbourhoods.

Talking of Food

1) Colcannon, made with potatoes and kale or cabbage, is a traditional dish in Ireland. There is also a Newfoundland and Nova Scotia version with carrots.

2) Stargazey Pie is made in Cornwall, particularly Mousehole. The fish, usually pichards, have their heads potruding from the pastry, hence star gazing.

3) Fabada is a tasty, nourishing stew of beans with sausage etc from the Asturias region of north-west Spain.

4) Knedliki are dumplings served in the Czech Republic (cf. Kneidlech, matzo balls in Yiddish).

5) Nasi Goreng is a popular fried rice dish in Indonesia, and neighbouring countries.

Something to Drink

1) Jamaica and other parts of West Indies.

2) Normandy. Calvados is an apple brandy, taking its name from the town.

3) China. A potent spirit distilled from sorghum.

4) Hungary, a plum brandy like the Balkan slivovic.

5) Argentina, though also other Latin American countries. A sort of tea drink made from mate yerbe. Originated with the Guarani Indians and was adopted by the gauchos.

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