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Can Flying Saucers from Hollow Earth rescue Ernst Zundel?

ZUNDEL and the boys. in Canada.
Alas, he's now under a different sort of guard. Maybe he'd have been safer sticking to his earlier racket (above).

LOOKING round the world there are more than enough deserving causes to claim our attention - refugees, the homeless, the poor and hungry, the victims of racism, and the kids blown up by cluster bombs.
But real sophisticates will seek out the less obvious - say Slobodan Milosevic, or the Moors Murderers, -and some hearts will even bleed for Ernst Zundel, whom a court in Mannheim, Germany, has jailed for five years on 14 charges of inciting race hatred and denying the Nazi genocide which killed six million Jews.
Zundel's wife Ingrid and supporters are already promising a protest, saying "Is this how Germany treats Holocaust researchers? Join us for an historic demonstration in front of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. protesting Ernst Zundel's shameful incarceration!Date: May 7, 2007 Time: 11 a.m to 1 p.m. Bring some friends!"
I like that innocuous description - not Holocaust deniers, or even "revisionists", but merely "Holocaust researchers"! Dammit, the man has only just been jailed and already his comrades are showing weakness by adopting bland liberal expressions. What kind of Master Race is this? What happened to "No remorse!"?
Zundel, 67, born in Germany, moved to Canada in 1958, apparently to get out of national service. I guess a man of his calibre must have felt he had better ways to serve the Fatherland than square-bashing in the Bundeswehr, with all that "democratic" nonsense, and talk of the "New Germany". His was the Old one. He wrote a book "The Hitler We Loved and Why" and became a worldwide distributor of Nazi literature, also publishing "Did Six Million Really Die", by the British National Front member Richard Verral. A court case in Canada found that this contained falsehoods and fabrications, but did not breach then existing law.
In 2000, after unsuccessful applications for Canadian citizenship, Zundel moved to Tennessee, where he married his third wife, Ingrid Rimland. It was a marriage of true soulfellows. Rimland has written two novels, Lebensraum, about Ukrainian Germans who "fight to preserve their own race", and The Wanderers, depicting the Nazi invaders of the Soviet Union as liberators.
The FBI gave Zundel a clean bill of health, but in 2003, he was arrested over visa problems, and sent back to Canda. In Toronto he was detained, accused of being a danger to Canadian citizens because of his Nazi links, and deported to Germany in 2005.
On trial in Germany, Zundel demanded a commission to investigate Auschwitz, claimed the law used against him was unconstitutional, and like others before him fell back on his right to "free speech". The court were not impressed.
Herr Zundel has not always been so keen on freedom from censorship. In 1980 he complained bitterly that Canadian and US authorities were not doing anything to ban the Holocaust mini-series on TV, which according to him incited hatred of Christian Germans, Ukrainians and others and did so to justify Zionist crimes.
"By stopping the Zionist 'six million' swindle, we can also stop the spread of Zionist tyranny and terror throughout the world. The following authorities in Canada, however, have not seen fit to enforce the law by stopping the "Holocaust" hate message: Prime Minister Clark... The same dereliction of duty has occurred with the counterparts of these authorities in the United States. It is therefor [sic] on behalf of Truth, Freedom and Justice that I offer my services on this most important subject of the past, present and future. I also offer books and publications about the "Holocaust" hoax. Help us now, before the lies of the past strangle our future. To be informed is not a privilege; it is a duty. Help us before it is too late by contacting me, Ernst Zundel, Spokesman for Concerned Parents of German Descent, 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2L1. Tel, (416) 922-9850. Your kind donations will help defray the enormous expenses of our Campaign for Truth, Freedom and Justice!"
In 1994 he produced a leaflet demanding that the authorities should ban the film Schindler's List. You may think Spielberg's film, based on Thomas Kennealy's book, shows how one German found it possible to rescue people from slaughter, but according to Zundel not only did Spielberg exaggerate the death and suffering in Auschwitz but: "The movie generates hatred against Germans, and it should be possible to ban it under 'hate laws' in Canada, Germany, and other countries. Photocopy and distribute this, and join the worldwide campaign to BAN SCHINDLER'S LIST!
Information: Ernst Zuendel at Samisdat Pub., 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ontario..."
Before he decided to concentrate on disproving the facts of Nazi genocide, Ernst Zundel had made his name and reputation trying to establish a quite fascinating explanation of other phenomena. Ever resentful and suspicious of "Jewish" science like that of Einstein, and of the modern world in general, the Nazis were easy suckers for "alternative" theories about the world, the universe and everything. The Cosmic Ice theory had the stars and planets composed of ice, another had human beings arising in far northern climes (chilly, but,much more confortable for racialists than an African genesis).
Then there were Hollow Earth theories. One had us living on the inner surface of a hollow sphere. The story goes that Hitler dispatched a team of scientists to the Baltic island of Rugen (why there I don't know, though it is noted for tales of underground-dwelling dwarfs) to set up a powerful telescope and photograph the British fleet across on the other side of the hollow world.
A more modest theory, first put forward by a Captain John Cleves Symmes in the United States in 1818 said there was an inner earth, with openings at the poles. Captain Symmes appealed for a hundred "brave companions" to join him on an expedition to find the northern polar opening - which became known as "Symmes' Hole". He appealed to Congress for funding for the expedition, without success. But others eventually set out, and in 1926, Admiral Byrd reported that he had flown over the North Pole, following up three years later with a flight over the South Pole. No holes were spotted, either end.
It takes more than that to deter a Zundel. Marrying the Hollow Earth idea with the 1950s fascination with Unidentified Flying Objects, he spread the view that flying saucers were really developed by Nazi scientists and were issuing from the holes beneath which the new Reich was set up in the Hollow Earth.
" Our discoveries have led us into the production of a number of currently suppressed and sometimes vilified books which are now underground bestsellers. 'UFOs--NAZI SECRET WEAPON?' was our first title, now sold out in 5 complete editions. Our second book, 'SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS', is coming up fast and has sold out 2 full editions. Foreign language translations of these books are selling briskly, and it is becoming obvious to everyone that the media-enforced blockade of the truth has now been broken. Three additional books are currently under production and these will round out our Phase I Publishing Program: 'THE CIA-KGB-UFO COVERUP', 'THE ANTARCTICA THEORY' and 'THE LAST BATTALION'.
Besides the books, you could order an official UFO spotter's card, and for the children there was a working model UFO at $6.95 plus postage, or a flying saucer frisbee at $3.70. But if you were really serious, and had enough money, Zundel - or "Christof Friedrich" - appealing for funds to help his research, proposed to charter a South African plane which might fly from Rio or Buenos Aires and land a swastika flag on some glacier, reclaiming what he said was German territory - New Swabia - while seeking the hole leading to an underground world. Zundel promised this "Antarctic Expedition in Search of Hitler's Flying Saucer Bases and the South Polar Opening into Inner Earth will be the unique event of a lifetime", and they would drink champagne on the plane to celebrate.
Thwarted no doubt by the hidden forces, the search for Hitler's Hole never took off, but as Zundel says " I was young, rich and adventurous then - and we were all roaring to go. I had lots of fun and did up to three and four talk shows a week on that "Nazi-Antarctic-UFO-Find-the Führer's Bases" story".
According to Frank Miele's article "Giving the Devil His Due," in the Skeptic,
"In a later phone conversation, Zündel told me that the UFO book was in fact a ploy. 'I realized that North Americans were not interested in being educated. They want to be entertained. The book was for fun. With a picture of the Führer on the cover and flying saucers coming out of Antarctica it was a chance to get on radio and TV talk shows. For about 15 minutes of an hour program I'd talk about that esoteric stuff. Then I would start talking about all those Jewish scientists in concentration camps, working on these secret weapons. And that was my chance to talk about what I wanted to talk about." '
It seems a pity that Zundel had to turn from seeking the Hole to denying the Holocaust, or as he puts it "I was forced by Germany's enemies to tackle the hoary and fraudulent 'Holocaust' claims". (Zundelsite).
But he has gained some devoted admirers:
"Unlike most Holocaust revisionists (rather an austere, academic lot), Zundel is a hands-on activist – a gentle, good-humored man, kind and honest and with those qualities often found in the strangest places: a fine mind and a good heart."

This writer was surprised that "Despite an impressive defense from heavyweights such as Robert Faurisson, Marc Weber and David Irving who, having just read the Leuchter report, took the opportunity of the trial to proclaim his conversion to Holocaust revisionism, Zundel was again found guilty and sentenced…."
The writer in question, Paul Eisen, was impressed with Zundel's book
"Ernst Zundel was once involved in the publication of a book called The Hitler We Loved and Why, but Ernst Zundel was not the only German who loved Hitler and is probably not the only German who still loves Hitler. Millions of Germans loved Hitler who for twelve years impacted on them as no German has or probably ever will, and, though they never say so, must, deep down still cherish his memory."

This Eisen was appointed by US Professor Daniel McGowan as UK director of Deir Yassin Remembered(DYR). The idea of honouring the memory of that martyred Palestinian village, scene of a notorious massacre by Zionist forces in April 1948, seemed, and is, a worthy project. None of us had heard of Eisen, let alone knew of his views. DYR gained wide support and enthusiasm, and was able to stage a major successful event, but Eisen's musings in the JustPeace UK discussion list increasingly revealed another agenda. Though he empathises with Germans supposedly made to feel collective shame for Hitlerism, he had no problem accusing Jews of collective guilt for crimes going back to the Crucifixion.
Deir Yassin Remembered appeared more like Deir Yassin Forgotten, as Eisen denounced the very people who had been prepared to work with him, ascribing their wickedness to an inescapable "Jewish essence". But if we naively thought Paul Eisen had just strayed off on some unfortunate personal quest, we were put right when we found that one Israel Shamir, aka Swedish antisemite Joran Jermas, a Russian-born writer with curious view on blood libel, remains among DYR's advisers.
Nazis have often tried to infiltrate pro-Palestinian causes, and it suits the Zionist propaganda machine that they should be seen as succeeding. Where Shamir's role might fit such intrigue is open to conjecture. David Irving once backed off a deal whereby the ex-BBC Russian service writer tried to sell him a large selection of Nazi documents. Lord Ahmed failed to get out of an invitation to Shamir to the House of Lords, then found it used against him in the press a month later.
Shamir's website recently featured A Visit in Prison with Ernst Zuendel
By Prof Daniel McGowan. Shamir proclaims Zundel a "prisoner of Zion", and says visiting him was a mitzvah, a great good deed. McGowan doesn't hide behind mere concern for human rights, but praises Zundel's "courage" and "efforts to tell the truth about the Holocaust". In a footnote he suggests the American Civil Liberties Union would not not support Zundel because it looks after "Jewish interests".
Zundel's friends and admirers have not so far paid great attention to his work on Hollow Earth and UFOs from Antarctica, which seems a pity. If the flying saucers can't be got to rescue him, at least Professor McGowan and Paul Eisen could renew the captive's dream by launching an expedition to discover Hitler's Hole and reclaim the lost Aryan Shangri La, the land hidden by the polar ice, New Swabia. If global warming continues it might soon be revealed, anyway.
I've got just the hero to lead the intrepid expedition, a bold figure who has loyally helped spread Eisen's gospel and kept in touch with Israel Shamir too.
That's if he can cancel some of his forthcoming saxophone gigs.
And Deir Yassin, like other sites of mass murder, might yet be properly remembered.

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