Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Galloway defender of Stalinism

THIS George told the truth, unlike Galloway.

IN case we were worrying whether George Galloway was working too hard in Parliament (I didn't hear or see of him during last week's Palestine lobby, so guess he must have been busy), or for his constituents, or with his media work and lecture appearances, I am pleased to read that he is working on his new book.

No, it won't be filling the gaps in his previous slim volume of autobiography. This one is going to be about someone else. Galloway says he is writing a historical novel about the poet John Cornford, as "part of the golden generation of the British left who went to fight fascism in Spain". Writing on the Counterpunch website, he says "their memory has been sullied by Orwell's slanders, unfortunately reinforced by Ken Loach's film Land and Freedom, and now lies largely forgotten on the Iberian peninsula"

George Orwell, who was of course one of that generation, is like Cornford, dead. Had they both been with us, it would have been interesting to hear them discuss what happened in Spain. Orwell could have pointed out that his book Homage to Catalonia did not attack the brave young volunteers who went to fight fascism, but told the truth about what happened in Barcelona, and attacked the treacherous Stalinist policies which in his view led to the defeat of the Spanish working class and the fight against fascism.

We don't know what Cornford might have said, or Ralph Fox and others, who died, whether they would still hold the views they held then or rethink them in retrospect. We do know that some International Brigaders who survived changed their minds, and that others escaped a fascist bullet only to receive a Stalinist one when they returned to eastern Europe. Perhaps they knew too much.

The only person doing any slandering here is George Galloway. Having seen how easily he uses "Trot" as a term of abuse for opponents it should not really surprise us that, even fifty years after Khruschev's famous "secret speech" the Respect MP who has tried to explain his fawning over Saddam Hussein should hide behind a dead poet to attack those who stood up to Stalin's policies. We don't like to visit the sins of the fathers upon their children, but might note the appropriateness of setting: Counterpunch editor Alexander Cockburn is the son of the famous Claud Cockburn, who as "Frank Pitcairn" wrote the lies about Spain in the Daily Worker, from a safe distance. .

The dead cannot choose who writes about them, and we don't know whether anyone else suggested to Galloway that he attempt this novel. Maybe his next one could feature the brave Iraqi communists who died at the hands of the Ba'athist regime.

Though Orwell cannot answer back, Ken Loach should be able to. Having fallen under the spell of the Socialist Workers Party(SWP), he sits on the national council of Galloway's Respect coalition! Come to that of course, if the SWP members have any self-respect they could stop turning a blind eye to Galloway's conduct and utterances. So far while muttering among themselves they have continued pretending for the public that the sun shines out of gorgeous Georgie's rectum. I'll be looking to see what Socialist Worker says. But it has been advertising a fundraiser featuring Galloway and the disturbed sax player Gilad Atzmon, so I'm not holding my breath, I'm holding my nose.

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At 8:39 AM, Anonymous robbie hugh, lincolnshire said...

Your random and unqualified slur against Mr Atzmon reveals the pernicious nature of your own values.
10/10 for syntax, 0/10 for integrity.
Will you now write an engaging piece honouring all of the innocent, tragic victims of Imperialistic greed?

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Charlie Pottins said...

If Robbie cares to look through previous and forthcoming items in this blog, he will discover that it's main subject is the fight against imperialism, capitalism, and all kinds of racialism.
Indeed the previous two postings dealt with CIA torture flights taking place with British and other connivance, and Israel's misuse of reparation funds that should have gone to victims of Nazi racism.
It is because of our consistent anti-racist stance that we must warn against the antisemitic nonsense that Gilead Atzmon has been spouting and the way such dubious associations are used to smear genuione supporters of the Palestinian cause. If you think this is just a "slur" you should read my previous blog, "Bum notes from a disoriented saxophonist" where the criticism is clearly based on things Atzmon has said,on record, nothing invented or "alleged".
Others before have reached the same opinion of Atzmon, but I have not hastened to attack him without thought or for no reason. Nor have I made unwarranted allegations the way he has smeared genuine fighters that I know.
As for my "values" and"integrity", I think they will at least stand favourable comparison with George Galloways. I have never shaken hands with a bloody dictator, never claimed big expenses from a charity so I could lead the luxury life, nor trousered an MPs salary (which is why Respect could not say like the Scottish Socialists that its MPs must take a worker's wage), nor preceded to neglect my duties so as to prance around in a TV "reality" show. Nor do I propose to slander working class fighters like those of Barcelona in 1937 nor those like Orwell who tried to tell the truth.
The "cult of the personality" is discredited and dead. Millions perished because of Stalin's policies, and even his loyal supporters payed for thinking they should suppress the truth.
My values are those of a worker and communist who believes that turning a blind eye to racism is wrong, acquiescing in crackpot conspiracy theories and prejudices liberates nobody, and covering up for careerists and dictators is not our job. "The truth alone shall set ye free" - even if it is not always comforting.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning George Galloway's rectum, I think I may be permanently disturbed by that image!


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