Wednesday, November 22, 2006

UFOs over the City? " Take me to your Super"

OT Level 7 recuit Tom Cruise reporting for duty.

STEP aside those officers with funny hand-shakes and one rolled-up trouser leg! There's a new space-age outfit bidding to rival the freemasons for the faith and loyalty of London coppers. .

Their beliefs should certainly expand the plod's horizons. It's the Scientologists. Founder L. Ron Hubbard concluded a 1968 lecture confessing "I am not from this planet." He was unable to be specific as as to what planet he was from, though he did once mention a brief excursion to Venus.

In a lecture in November 1959, Hubbard gave an out-of-this-world account of ancient Egypt, explaining that at that time, Earth was being attacked by two forces, Space Command and Martian Command. According to an expert "Well trained Scientologists not only believe this, but they would nod sagely amongst themselves and add, "Ah, yes, the Fourth and Fifth Invader Forces. What a struggle that was."

I suppose some people will say this is no more far-fetched than some more conventional religion's beliefs if you take them literally, and for all I know it could even be adopted to take in masonic mysticism concerning Solomon's temple -if you think that's what masonry's about.

Anyway, it seems the cult has started with the City of London Police, and they are known for their imagination. At least, when they adopted stop-and-search powers supposedly to deal with the threat of IRA terrorism to the City it soon became evident from the vehicles they were stopping that they must have had information that the Irish Republicans had enlisted a secret motorised battalion, composed of Afro-Caribbean van drivers. Now the City force has retaken its powers perhaps they will be watching out for aliens.

(I mean, the extra-terrestrial kind, not those like my grandparents dealt with under the 1906 Act. Mind you I did once go out with a girl with ears like Dr. Spock - I mean the vulcan, not the children's specialist).

According to a report by Sandra Laville in the The Guardian today, the approach started with tea and biscuits after the 7/7 bombings but has blossomed since.

"The hospitality included guest invitations in May for two constables and a sergeant to attend the premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in Leicester Square, where they were able to rub shoulders with the best known Scientologist of all and the star of the film, Tom Cruise.

"The Guardian requested details of meetings between police and scientologists after a senior officer from the City appeared as a guest speaker at the opening of the £23m Scientology centre near St Paul's Cathedral last month.
At the lavish ceremony, Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley, the fourth most senior officer in the force, praised the scientologists for the support they had provided after the July 7 attacks, when followers of L Ron Hubbard's movement appeared at the police cordons of the Aldgate bomb site offering help to those involved in the emergency operation. The relationship flourished in the following months, according to the City police's register of hospitality, which all officers are required to fill out.

"The night before last month's grand opening of the Church of Scientology's centre in the City, one of the force's two chief superintendents joined a detective superintendent, a uniformed constable and a detective constable at a star-studded charity dinner at Saint Hill Manor, where prizes are awarded to followers who donate the biggest sums to the movement. The dinner was attended by Cruise, who sat at a special table nearest the past year's biggest donors.

"The next day, Sunday October 22, a sergeant recorded being offered refreshments worth between £3 and £5 by scientologists as he was policing the opening of the London centre. Another officer, a constable, was a guest at a charity gala in East Grinstead the following night, where he recorded receiving £50 worth of hospitality. Most recently, on October 24, two sergeants and two constables attended a Jive Aces concert at Saint Hill".
Gala dinners, jive bands and Tom Cruise: how the Scientologists woo City police·Unlikely relationship has blossomed since July 7· Contacts are mutually beneficial, claims group Sandra LavilleWednesday November 22, 2006The Guardian,,1953996,00.html

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