Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Discrimination in the NHS

WHILE much of the British media is whipping up a storm over how many "illegal immigrants" may be in the country and how many are being deported,
the real story, of injustice and discrimination, continues to be shoved to the background.

Among latest victims are Asian and other doctors from overseas, upon whom public healthcare, particularly in working-class areas, has long depended. At a time when many healthcare trusts are in financial crisis and laying off staff, new government regulations are restricting whom they can employ. It won't help you get treated any sooner, but it is hitting people who came to this country to train (see earlier post
This article below (thanks to Harriet in the North West for sending it to me) says that the way it is being applied, the new rule even discriminates against people who have been working in this country for years. As for asylum seekers, we are often told they are a 'burden' to society, but even those who are qualified are being denied the right to contribute their skills.

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BMA warns of discrimination against foreign doctors BMA+warns+NHS+trusts+may+be+discriminating+against+foreign.htm

The BMA has warned that foreign doctors are being discriminated against because NHS trusts are misinterpreting the law. BMA warns NHS trusts may be discriminating against foreign doctors

16 May 2006 11:12

The NHS's reputation is at risk if hospitals do not clarify which foreign doctors they can recruit under new immigration legislation, according to the British Medical Association (BMA). A recent change in regulations means NHS trusts have been barred from recruiting junior doctors from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) if there are suitable candidates from the UK or the EEA.

The BMA said that overseas doctors were facing discrimination because trusts were misinterpreting the law. Doctors who have refugee status, or who are on the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, have reported problems finding posts, even though the new rules should not apply to them, the BMA said.

Dr Edwin Borman, chairman of the BMA's International Committee, said the NHS was rapidly losing its international reputation as a fair employer. "Some trusts are effectively telling doctors not to bother applying for jobs if they're from outside Europe, even if they've worked in the UK for years, or qualified from a UK medical school," he said. "It's shabby, it's unfair, and in some cases it may be discriminatory."

Some posts have been advertised on the basis that they will not attract a work permit for doctors from outside the EEA. The BMA has written to the Commission of Racial Equality requesting an opinion on whether this amounts to discrimination.

Author: Michael Millar

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At 6:38 AM, Blogger Soumen said...

The racial discrimination was in the NHSsince years in the past as well in subdued form. Some consultants was and are too much racist to the non British.If any one talks with the doctors working in the NHS in annonymous way it can be revealed in proper manner.The present law treats the Overseas doctors as used toilet papers. Use it and flush it. i had an experience of working as an clinical attchee in the dept of Obs & gynae in Lincoln county hospital, Lincoln. The clinical director and the academic director was very much racist. the both prefer the local brits or the woman collegue to work with them. I had an bitter experience of working with them.


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